How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

Cleaning the carpet

We love our pets. We love our homes. Most of the time, there is harmony, but sometimes things get messy and it’s more than a vacuum can fix alone. Knowing how to remove pet stains and odors from carpet and other household items is (unfortunately) a key requirement for pet owners. Here’s how to get rid of common pet stains and odors.

How to Remove Dog Urine From Carpet

Hopefully, you’ll see the mess before it truly becomes a stain. But if you’ve been away from home for awhile or discover a surprise in a room you haven’t been in for a few hours, taking quick action is the most important thing. Waiting too long can lead to bacteria growth and odors, and no one wants that.

Here’s one way to remove dog pee from carpet:

  • Soak up as much of the urine as possible using paper towels or a cotton cloth. Press firmly to absorb as much as possible down to the carpet padding (standing on it may be helpful).
  • Sprinkle the stain generously with baking soda.
  • Mix a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water sufficient to saturate the carpet all the way to the padding without leaving it soggy. The vinegar should help to neutralize the ammonia in the urine.
  • Pour the solution over the baking soda. It should bubble slightly.
  • Blot the urine stain using a paper towel or cloth, pressing firmly. Blotting is critical, as rubbing may remove color or change the texture of the carpet.
  • Allow to dry completely.
  • Once dry, vacuum the area.

puppy on carpet

How to Get Vomit Out of Carpet

Vomit is acidic and can stain a surface fast, so clean it up quickly.

  • Use a dustpan to remove solid pieces and blot with a cloth or paper towels.
  • Mix 2 cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon dishwashing soap, and 1/2 cup of vinegar. As with urine, use an amount that will saturate the carpet without leaving it soggy.
  • Blot until dry.

Note: You may need to repeat the steps, depending on the stain. Rinsing with plain water may also be helpful.

Pet Stains on Machine-Washable Items

Items that can be put in the wash are slightly easier to handle than carpet.

  • Add a one-pound box of baking soda to your washer along with regular detergent and fill with water. Let item(s) soak for at least 20 minutes.
  • Wash as usual.
  • Air dry items.

A cleaner such as OxyClean can also be useful in place of the baking soda.

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