Black and Decker 20-Volt Max Lithium Hand Vacuum (BDH2000L)



Powerful suction, integrated cleaning tools, and long battery life make the Black and Decker BDH200L a stellar choice for a reasonably-priced hand vacuum.

Black and Decker BDH200L Review

If you’re looking for a vacuum that’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use, the Black and Decker 20-Volt Max Lithium Hand Vacuum (BDH2000L) may be just what you have in mind. The best handheld vacuum for pet hair, it’s a great choice for handling small messes, dealing with dirt or pet hair in confined spaces, or general cleanup in places like the car where a larger or corded vacuum wouldn’t be practical. Since it’s handheld and cordless, it can go wherever you need it.

The main advantage of the Black and Decker BDH2000L compared to other vacuums is its lithium battery that allows the vacuum to run up to 30 minutes. It charges up to six times faster than other battery types so you don’t have to wait forever if you need to vacuum more than once. Most importantly, lithium batteries don’t have a “memory effect,” so they don’t lose charge over time and they hold a charge for up to 18 months. That means that not only does the Black and Decker lithium hand vacuum have a long life thanks to its battery, but it’s always ready when you need it, making a favorite of pet owners everywhere. There is one drawback to this otherwise great technology, though—the battery is integrated into the vacuum, so if there is a problem, it must be replaced at a service center.

The Black and Decker cordless lithium hand vacuum has powerful suction to remove dirt and pet hair from a variety of surfaces in your home or car. Its triple layer cyclonic action technology helps keep dirt off the filter so suction stays powerful and consistent over time. The vacuum’s mesh and cloth filters are also both washable, saving you money on replacement filters.

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To amp up the cleaning efficiency even more, the Black and Decker cordless pet hair vacuum has great tools. It comes with a rotating slim nozzle with a built-in crevice tool and flip-up brush to handle messes. Since the head rotates, it also gives you extra reach. These extra features along with the great battery life make this one of the best dog hair vacuums out there.

The vacuum comes with a stand charging base that holds the vacuum vertically, reducing the horizontal space needed. In another move that improves the battery life, the Black and Decker Hand Vac 20v only charges when needed. A handy charge indicator light lets you know when it’s ready for use. While many users like the charging set up, some wish there were a wall-mountable option so the vacuum didn’t take up room to charge. It’s really a matter of personal preference and is a tradeoff for great performance.

Black and Decker BDH200L Features

Powerful 20-volt MAX lithium ion battery with long-life lithium technology holds a charge when unplugged for up to 18 months and doesn’t lose power over time

Long reach, pivoting nozzle with built in cleaning accessories makes everyday cleanup of dust, pet hair, and crumbs easy

Flip-up brush and extendable crevice tools

Triple layer, cyclonic action filtration system helps keep the filter clean and power strong

Charging base that only charges the vacuum when necessary and lets you know when charging is complete

2 year warranty

What do owners like?

1. Lightweight
2. Powerful suction
3. No loss off battery life

What could be better?

1. Integrated battery must be replaced at a service center
2. Charging stand takes up room
3. Easy to confuse filter release button and power switch


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