Best Solar Power Water Heater in India

Supreme 250 LPD

Supreme 250 LPD is one of the best you can purchase in the market and can hold up to 250 liters of water. It is best suited for a medium-sized family. This device is from a brand call supreme and is efficient as compared to others. It also comes with solar glass and has an impact-resistant feature with a scratch-resistant feature as well. Nervous comes in with study material and can withstand a harsh environment and wind. It also has a water heater which can provide you with hot water throughout your pipelines and full day.

It is not that great and comes in with a dual-tone finish of blue and white. It is durable and has a high-speed motor which can convert into hot water in just some minutes. The device has videos resistant features and is best suited for a small size or a medium-size family.

Samurai 300 liters

It has powerful support and has a capacity of 300 liters, which is enough for a large household or a hostel. It has an aluminum tank, which is strong and does not EMIT any harmful microbes. The device also features a high power motor, which can provide you with hot water instantly. It also has a hybrid solar cell, which can work all day and stored energy for your work.

This water heater also has a capacity of 300 liters and comes in with a GI stand. It also comes in with a durable material palette and has a high-quality solar cell. The distance provided by the brand is strong and durable. The only thing that this solar heater lacks is the capacity of this solar water heater.

MegaPower 250 Liter Solar Water Heater

Mega Power is well known for its products. This solar water heater has an inner tank capacity of 304L, which is enough for large families. The container provided by the brand has a materialistic design and is also stated as one of the best you can get in the market. It has a dual-tone color of blue-black with white. Black and white being the major color. It also comes with activated glass tubes, which help us to scale the deposits.

When it comes to the tank outer tank has a coating of resist corrosion material and also comes in with a galvanized finish.

Overall when it comes to designing, it is one of the most attractive water heaters can get in the market due to its unibody design. When it comes to its mounting frame, it has a thickness of 1.5 mm and has a powder coating. The device also has three layers. It is highly efficient and has a tube dimension of 1800mm.

Saur Shakti 250 Liters Solar Water Heater

It has a storage capacity of 250 liters and comes in with a high power motor. It also comes in with energy efficient rating, which can help you save some bucks of your pocket. It comes in with a commercial design and is suitable for commercial and household purposes. It also came in with iron and galvanized iron coating, which can help you to resist rust. It is suitable for the outer environment due to its coating.

It also has high-frequency glass tubes and comes in with a high-efficiency absorbing rate. It has an inclination of 45 degrees, which makes it perfect for absorbing high solar power. It is one of the most rated and highly efficient solar water heaters you can get on the market and has various features.

It also comes in with a diameter of 480mm. It also comes in with a 2 mm glossy coating and has an outer tank with a 0.5 mm powder coating.

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