Susan on the couch drinking coffee

Hi, I’m Susan Hammond, and I have a problem with pet hair. Or, at least, I had a problem with pet hair.

See, about 10 years ago, I bought a new house. I was excited to be a first-time homeowner, and I daydreamed about decorating my new rooms, throwing a housewarming party, and all the fun things that come with purchasing your first piece of property. Unbeknownst to me, however, the new house came with a new dog. That hadn’t been in my plans.

How did it happen? Just a couple of weeks after I moved in, this tiny terrier mix puppy started wiggling its way through my fence to wander around my new backyard. It was clear that no one was taking care of her. So after a few days of feeding her, she stopped wiggling through my fence and wiggled her way into my heart. Like I said, I got a new dog to go with my new house. Little did I know that her wispy blonde hair would soon adhere to every rug, blanket, tile, pillow, cushion, piece of wood, and t-shirt in my home. Literally every single surface seemed to be a dog hair magnet. That’s how I began my quest to find the best vacuum for pet hair.

After lots of research (and a couple of bum vacuums), I finally found some good products that work for me and actually contain the pet hair. But it took a while. Between lots of research (did I say “LOTS”?) online, reading tons of reviews and advice articles, and plenty of personal trial and error, I gained quite a bit of experience in figuring out what vacuums work best for pet hair. I want to help you save time and frustration by sharing with you what I’ve learned on my journey to control the fur.